About Danielle

Danielle is an art hobbyist based out of the Black Hills. Her current ongoing project is called the Halo Series, and marks the beginning of emerging from a long 15 year period of creative stagnation.

All of Danielle's current work is done with Procreate. She was academically trained in scientific illustration at the University of Georgia, and created her Senior Thesis about evolutionary human skulls. She currently makes a living as a web designer.




  • 2022 // "Spring Has Sprung" Group Art Show // Gallery Six13 // Rapid City, SD



  • Collectionzz // The Smashing Pumpkins // GET PRINTS HERE
  • Bottleneck Gallery // The Lord of the Rings

2023 Convention Schedule


You can buy prints online in Danielle's Etsy shop. Domestic and international shipping is available.

If local to the Black Hills, you can drop by Dark Wave Studios downtown Rapid City to purchase them.

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